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Why Is Early Intervention Important for Autism?

parent and child sitting on a bench demonstrating why is early intervention important

In the field of child development, early intervention refers to therapeutic services for infants and young children struggling with delays in reaching developmental milestones. As autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition, the importance of early intervention for autism cases can’t be overstated.

Early intervention services may include sensorimotor and communication therapies such as occupational, physical, music, and speech-language therapies. Particularly for children diagnosed with ASD, early intervention services may also include applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy or early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI). Searching for an early intervention program for children newly diagnosed with autism in California? Call Opya at 650.629.3445 or reach out to our team online.

What Are Early Intervention Programs for Autism?

You may still be wondering: “Why are early intervention programs important for children diagnosed with ASD?” It’s not only important for children diagnosed with ASD but also vital. Early intervention typically follows an ASD diagnosis, so every case of ASD treatment usually initially includes early intervention services.

Early interventions often occur at or before preschool age. In this period, a young child’s brain is still forming, meaning it is more plastic or changeable than at older ages. Because of the plasticity of a young child’s brain, autism treatments undergone during this period have a better chance of being effective in the longer term. An early intervention program not only gives children diagnosed with ASD the best start possible but also the best chance of developing to their full potential. Early intervention programs often include the following components:

  • Family training
  • Hearing impairment services
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech and language therapy

The sooner a child diagnosed with ASD gets professional help, the greater the chance for effective learning and progress. With early intervention, some young children diagnosed with ASD make so much progress that they are no longer on the autism spectrum when they grow older.

Why Is Early Intervention Important for Children Diagnosed With Autism?

Studies show that early assessment, diagnosis, and succeeding intervention for autism are more likely to have significant and long-term positive effects on the reduction of ASD symptoms and the learning of later skills, and the strength of later abilities. Children diagnosed with ASD show improvements in daily life skills like bathing, feeding, using the bathroom, and other functional activities when they participate in early intervention programs.

Without early intervention, children diagnosed with ASD may develop skills they need for daily functioning later than their peers. This may not only result in problems with caregiving and scheduling later on in their lives but also in problems with making and fostering relationships.

When Should You Consider an Early Intervention Program for Autism?

The importance of early intervention for autism is linked to the ease at which children diagnosed with ASD learn and retain basic skills that should be picked up in the first two years of life, such as the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Emotional skills
  • Physical skills
  • Social skills
  • Thinking skills

An increase in the rate at which children diagnosed with ASD learn and retain skills can also affect how they make and foster friendships with other people. Beyond ensuring that your child’s daily living skills improve at an acceptable pace, the improvement in their social skills often makes a notable difference.

There is no considering whether or not an early intervention program is right for your child diagnosed with ASD. Early intervention is essential and can help secure a more stable future for your child.

Ready To Learn More About Opya’s Early Intervention Program for Autism?

Opya specializes in providing early intervention services for ASD to young children. If you’re looking for an early intervention program for children newly diagnosed with autism in California, call Opya at 650.629.3445 today. You can also reach out to our team online.