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For Parents

Have Hope

If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) then you may be feeling confused, afraid, overwhelmed, and wondering what to do next. We understand, and we want to help.

You aren’t alone and Opya provides hope for your child to reach their full potential because of the many resources and highly effective treatment programs available today. Let us help you learn more about the options available and determine which therapy provider can help meet the unique needs of your child and your family.

We’re Excited to Meet You and be a Part of Your Journey

At Opya, we provide autism therapy for young children starting as early as 18 months and help them learn the communication, social, and behavioral skills necessary to be ready for elementary school. Our compassionate clinicians receive highly specialized training for this age group, which makes them really good at what they do.

Our overarching goal is to graduate your child to the next big adventure in their life — elementary school — where they will receive age-appropriate treatment for the next phase of their journey.

We Make It Easy for You to Get the Services Your Child Needs

With Opya, you can begin autism therapy services in just a few steps:


Get Started

Talk to one of our client service specialists to learn more about Opya services1 and understand our onboarding process.

Therapy Intake

While you complete our intake packet, we’ll run a courtesy check on your insurance coverage, and request authorization to conduct an assessment from your insurance company2. The good news is that we work with most health plans in your area.

Therapy Assessment

A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) conducts a comprehensive assessment of your child to determine an appropriate treatment plan and discusses the recommendations with you. Our BCBA then submits the report to your insurance company to authorize treatment.

Care Team Assignment

We send you a therapy schedule based on the recommended treatment hours, match you with a clinician, and explain what to expect during the first two weeks of treatment and beyond. With the Opya App, you can seamlessly connect with your care team.


Your treatment begins! You meet with your child’s care team and review goals and priorities for the next two weeks and beyond.

Ongoing Treatment

In addition to the treatment your child receives daily, we provide regular parent trainings as recommended by your BCBA and required by your insurance. We are always just a phone call or instant message away if you need anything.
1 Applies to clients not directly placed with Opya through their insurance companies’ client placement teams
2 Pre-authorization for assessment may not be required by your insurance plan

Our Goal: Better Outcomes and Less Stress for You

We are your autism therapy service provider that specializes in personalized early childhood behavioral therapies, delivers care in the comfort of your own home, and provides an easy-to-use app that better connects you with the care team.

We’re Here for You

Check out our Resources section with helpful downloads to guide you through the process, like “Answers to the 7 Most Common Questions About Autism” which is a checklist of important next steps you can take, and “8 questions to ask a therapy provider” which you should use when interviewing autism therapy providers. Also, Opya has access to translation services if needed. 

Follow us on social media to get updates, tips and tricks for helping your child and family adapt and thrive.

Our Therapy Approach is Backed by Research

Our primary service is Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA therapy, the preferred behavioral intervention provided for autism therapy. ABA therapy focuses on teaching communication, self help and social skills, as well as developing the behaviors your child will need to be successful in school. We also provide speech and occupational therapy services depending on your child’s unique needs.

There is substantial scientific support for both early intervention treatment and ABA therapy. You can read more about the research supporting our therapies here.