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The Best In-Home Early Intervention Services

If you are looking for ABA in Orange County, Opya is here to help. Opya’s early intervention services can help your child improve behaviors, learn new skills, and reach new milestones.


We Accept Most Major Insurance Along with Medicaid and MediCal!

We achieve the optimal outcome for your child by following the Opya Way

Early Intervention Services

The sooner we begin, the better the outcomes. Our tech-enabled platform gets your child started faster.

In-Home Therapy
Being in your comfort zone makes a big difference. We come to your child—not the other way around.
Personalized & Proven
Our evidence-based, naturalistic, personalized approach to early intervention services helps prepare your child to transition into the education system.
Transformative Outcomes

Our families see significant improvements in behaviors within the first six months of care.

The Opya App

We make it easier for parents to manage schedules, track progress and instantly communicate with the care team by connecting them directly to our therapists via the user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant Opya App.

Our Early Intervention Services Are Available Throughout Orange County!

Getting Started is Easy

From our detailed intake packet and insurance verification process through comprehensive assessment by a board-certified behavior analyst and care team assignment, we make the process as simple and straightforward as it can be.

The Opya Difference

We specialize in early intervention therapies.

Our advanced clinicians carry small caseloads, which means they can spend more quality time with each child.

We focus on fostering independence and aim to graduate the child out of care and into the education system.

Treatment is only ever provided in-home, which is more comfortable for the child and is simpler and more convenient for caregivers.

Our treatment model is supported by a mobile app that makes it easy for therapists and caregivers to stay connected, schedule appointments, and address important behavior issues and milestones.

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