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Telehealth Services

Mother and child participating in telehealth autism treatment on laptop computerSince the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents of children diagnosed with autism have become concerned about how to obtain autism therapy services. For some, this is because in-home care from someone outside the family raises health concerns. For others, it’s because commuting long distances to obtain services is inconvenient or impossible. 

One silver lining of this difficult time is that more telehealth autism treatment services are available. Caregivers and children can now obtain services on a fully remote basis using video conferencing platforms, apps, and messaging services. At Opya, we’re happy to include fully remote options for our occupational and speech therapy offerings. To learn more about these programs and how to begin the enrolment process, please contact us today at 650.629.3445 or by submitting a contact request online. 

Virtual Autism Speech Therapy Program

Opya’s virtual speech therapy program gives children diagnosed with autism effective communication skills to last a lifetime. Our primary goal is to help children under six years old make a smooth transition into elementary school. Program outcomes for speech therapy include: 

  • Fostering communication skills appropriate to your child’s age range
  • Working with social interaction so your child feels comfortable with others in their peer group 
  • Reducing problem behaviors that can damage relationships or learning
  • When needed, providing alternate communication tools, including picture cards or sign language

At Opya, we believe early intervention is essential for children diagnosed with autism, and we know that solid language development forms a significant pillar of your child’s first six years. We aim to provide clinically excellent therapy in this key area. Our licensed speech therapists offer fully remote one-on-one services to your child within the familiar home environment. 

Virtual Autism Occupational Therapy Program

Equally important as speech therapy is occupational therapy. This is the case because it gives children diagnosed with autism the practice and confidence they need to engage in everyday activities. Activities include play, personal grooming, toilet use, eating, and getting dressed. Focused on problem-solving and coping, occupational therapy also effectively reduces self-injury, meltdowns, and tantrums. 

An accredited virtual autism occupational therapy program like ours helps develop essential competencies, including: 

  • Fine motor skills, such as the ones needed for writing and drawing
  • Gross motor skills, such as the ones needed for riding a bike
  • Comfort and facility playing with others
  • Aptitude in sensory processing and tools for coping with overwhelm
  • Fundamental self-care in the realms of hygiene, eating, and more 

These competencies serve children diagnosed with autism for the rest of their lives. Having them builds confidence and coping skills, and these attributes, in turn, make it possible to develop lasting relationships, engage in education successfully, and ultimately join the adult world. 

Early intervention in the form of occupational therapy is a game-changer. It gives your child the skills and experience they need to avoid secondary mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. Children who complete our program are far more likely to enter their elementary school years with confidence, success, and the ability to truly enjoy their experience. 

What Are the Overall Benefits of Autism Therapy Telehealth Services?

Access is the greatest benefit to come out of increased telehealth options for autism services. Children diagnosed with autism benefit from top-quality services regardless of their location and income level. Telehealth makes these services a reality for more families. 

Beyond simply reaching a broader range of families in need, remote autism treatment programs offer greater scheduling flexibility. Because services are remote and don’t require providers or families to commute, it can be easier to pivot when life happens and plans change. Additionally, it may also be possible to deliver remote services more often than in-person services. This means families can receive a higher level of care, increased communication, and greater consistency. 

Reach out to Opya Today for More Information About Autism Treatment Telehealth Services

If you and your child could benefit from fully remote speech and occupational therapy, contact the caring team at Opya. We’re standing by to answer your questions about enrollment, program specifics, cost, and further resources. Call us at 650.629.3445 or reach out online to start the conversation.