In-Home Autism Services For Kids in Sacramento

We Work With Children From 18 Months To 6 Years in The Sacramento Area

We provide early intervention autism services for kids that are customized for your child’s unique needs. Across Sacramento and its surrounding counties, our team of compassionate and experienced ABA therapists specialize in in-home autism therapy; where the ABA learning experience is greatly enriched because young children feel most comfortable at home. 

With our approach to in-home autism therapy, we empower children diagnosed with autism to establish positive behaviors, improve communication, and build social confidence.

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Why Our Approach to Early Intervention Autism Care is So Effective

Our autism treatment solutions in Sacramento combine the best of highly personalized in-home ABA therapies beginning as early as 18 months and generally starting with kids before age 6. Our technology makes communication between parents and therapists easy. We call this the Opya Way. Children that experience our ABA therapy program become more effective communicators, learn appropriate behaviors, and become more self-reliant in preparation for the next step in their journey, elementary school.

Let us help you with Autism Therapy Services in Sacramento, CA

If you would like to talk to us about our in-home autism behavioral therapy and autism diagnosis for kids in Sacramento County, Yolo County, Placer County, and El Dorado County, contact us today!

We Make it Fast and Easy to Start Your In-Home Autism Services

There’s no need to wait months before your child can start ABA therapy. Opya has child behavioral therapists ready to create a customized ABA therapy care plan for your child and family. Starting therapy and in-home autism services just takes a few steps after you have a formal diagnosis of autism.


Speak to one of our specialists who will collect important information from you such as the age of your child and your insurance provider.


To make it easy for you, we check with your insurance provider to make sure our services are in-network, and request authorization to begin a therapy assessment.


During the therapy assessment, our child behavioral therapist will determine the recommended treatment plan and share the results with you.

Start Care

After that, we will assign the care team best suited to care for your child, discuss goals for your child, and schedule our first session.

Our autism treatment solutions also include regular parent and family training to ensure the entire team is working to optimize your child’s development.

If you need a formal autism diagnosis, we can help with that too.

Virtual Autism Diagnosis Services in Sacramento, CA

Before beginning early intervention ABA services, an official autism diagnosis is required. Opya can refer you to certified child psychologists and other diagnosticians available in the Sacramento area for virtual autism evaluations to determine whether your child meets the criteria for an autism diagnosis and provide personalized recommendations for the best therapies for your child.

Before scheduling an autism assessment, feel free to check out our autism resources and information pages. Our information is free, and our autism resources will help you understand your treatment options, help you select an ABA therapy provider for in-home autism services in the greater Sacramento area, and more.

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Our Care Plans Are Personalized To Your Child’s Specific Needs

At Opya, we understand that every child with autism has their strengths and challenges. That’s why our early intervention autism spectrum therapies are individualized to meet your child’s unique needs. Our autism behavior services, including ABA therapy, are available in-home across the greater Sacramento region.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

Most likely your health plan covers an autism evaluation and autism spectrum therapies such as ABA behavioral therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Health plans work with a network of preferred providers such as Opya and coverage is offered for ABA services in Stockton in addition to the Sacramento area.

At Opya, we accept the following health plans for our comprehensive autism spectrum therapies:

and other major carriers.

Offering In-Home & Teletherapy Services For Children Ages 6 & Under

With Opya’s in-home autism therapy and telehealth care options, you and your child can access autism services and resources in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Our virtual assessments can be scheduled to fit your busy life and you don’t have to drive to a facility to receive an autism diagnosis.

We personalize autism treatment solutions such as early intervention ABA services to meet your child’s unique needs in the comfort of your home.

The custom treatment plan may include speech therapy and occupational therapy via telehealth services to provide care for the whole child.

With our specialized autism behavioral therapy services and direct communication between parents and autism therapists, we ensure our entire team is working with you to optimize your child’s progress.

Better Communication to Make it Easier for You

As a parent, you already have so much to juggle with work, family, and coordinating autism care for your child. We make it as easy as possible with the Opya App. With the Opya app you can:

  • Record & Track Your Child’s Progress
  • Manage Scheduling
  • Track Progress
  • Communicate & Connect With Your Care Team
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